Zibo algam Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Zibo ALM Pump Co., Ltd., a member of China general machinery vacuum equipment industry association, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of a complete system of water ring vacuum pump, roots water ring vacuum unit and so on. The company is located in Zibo, a famous Qilu cultural city with a long history. The company is in the 205 National Road in the East, the expressway in the west, the 309 National Road in the south, the Jiaoji Railway in the north, and the convenient traffic information. The company's main products are 2BV, 2BE series water ring vacuum pump and compressor, JZJ series Roots water ring pump vacuum unit and vacuum pump complete system and other vacuum equipment. 2BV, 2BE1, 2BE3 series water ring vacuum pump has the leading technical advantage in the same industry, the internal structure is the same as the imported vacuum pump, the key components of the product are imported products, and the performance of the products can be comparable to the imported products. The company always adheres to the cooperation concept of "honesty, integrity, harmony, quality first, customer first", always put the customer's needs in the first place, and strive to continue to create, maintain and enhance its brand value with high quality products and high quality service. We pay attention to each customer's requirements, take full consideration of every detail, do a good job in every service, adhere to the "careful, careful, attentive" service standards, provide customers with a comprehensive and high quality integrated service, and create value for the customers on the basis of cooperation and win-win.
Algam vacuum pump, excellent quality, quality guarantee
Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical industry

Papermaking industry

Food industry
Coarse pulp washing machine, lime mud and filter, precipitate filter, vacuum dehydrator, vacuum press.
Salmon cleaner, salad oil and fat deodorant, tea and condiment sterilization, sausage ham production, tobacco products humidification.
Polyester production, vacuum distillation at the top of the crude oil, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum conveying of various materials.

Drying (tray, rotary, flip and freeze dryer), reproducing / reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization filling materials.
2BV5 series
2BE1 series
2BE4 series
2BE3 series
2BW series
ZJ series
JZ/J2B series
ZF series

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Zibo algam Pump Industry Co., Ltd.
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